Running Fred

Running-Fred-IconThe game is a multi-tiered game, with each level tougher than the last. Like most other running games, the players have to man oeuvre Fred, as he makes his way through dungeons with a Grim Reaper on his tail and a path strewn with death traps, spinning blades and pits of lava. The new, fully 3D layout is a huge improvement over the plain layout of its predecessor.
About the Game:
Being a motion-sensing game, controls are quite simple for Smart phone and tablet gamers. It requires the gamer to simply tilt the device, from one side to the other, and Fred moves correspondingly. However, an option to regulate sensitivity would have been welcome. To make Fred jump over obstacles, the gamer has to simply tap or double tap on the screen for a single and double jump; respectively.
The main objective is to collect as many silver and gold coins that come in Fred’s path. These virtual coins can later be used to get updates and new lives, which help to prolong your gaming time. More enthusiastic gamers can choose to buy upgrades, skins and new outfits for Fred from the online site, which is a lot faster than collecting coins for the same.

An interesting feature of Running Fred is that if connected to the game server, one can choose to save his progress and access it on the device. The overall layout is not as rich, as some of its competitors and this often works in favour of the player, as upcoming obstacles can be clearly seen; long before they arrive. However, the camera angle sometimes blocks some obstacles from view; leading to added complexity.unnamed
Difficulty and Game Modes:
Running Fred ControlsThe game consists of ten levels across three modes i.e.; Adventure, Challenge and Survival. Completion of each level unlocks the next. After the ten levels are successfully completed, an Endless Mode is unlocked, which is considerable tougher than any of the previous levels and requires a lot of skill on the part of the gamer to survive.

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